"Breakfast alone is worth the trip", at Mornings at the Stanford Inn

Breakfast is popular - and reservations are strongly advised - demonstrating that more and more diners appreciate our effort to produce ethical and healthy cuisine that is also delicious!

If you are a guest of the Inn, enjoy a complimentary gourmet breakfast individually prepared especially for you.

If you are visiting the area, we are a popular local spot for breakfast. So, even if you are not staying with us - come for breakfast! We serve from 8:00 a.m. until 10:30 weekdays and 11:00 Saturday and Sunday. We advise reservations - please call us at 707-937-5638.

Ravens' Restaurant Breakfast Menu ... At Stanford Inn

Good Morning!

Our ingredients are organic and much of our braising greens and vegetables are from our own Big River Nurseries. Organic ingredients are expensive and to assure the highest quality, we cook breakfasts to order.

- Breakfasts are complimentary for Overnight Guests -

Savory Crepe
Chickpea crêpe, seasonal vegetables, cashew cheese sauce.
Country potatoes or sweet potato fries 12.50

Portobello Benedict*
House whole wheat house English muffin, spinach, grilled tomato, marinated Portobello slices, Ravens’ Hollandaise. Country potatoes or sweet potato fries 15.00

Tortilla chips in enchilada sauce, tofu-spinach scramble, Spanish rice, refried beans 13.00

Garden greens, onion and mushrooms with tofu. Country potatoes or sweet potato fries 12.00

Stanford Citrus Polenta
Signature brunch entree - grilled citrus polenta, braised garden greens, cashew cream sauce 15. 00

Santa Fe Burrito
Seasoned tofu or braised tempeh, black beans in whole wheat tortilla.
Chipotle sauce and salsa cruda. Country potatoes or sweet potato fries 12.50

Stanford Ranchero
Corn tortillas, black beans, seasoned tofu or braised tempeh. Chipotle sauce and salsa cruda.
Country potatoes or sweet potato fries 13.50

Garden Scramble
Seasoned tofu or tempeh, braised seasonal garden vegetables.
Country potatoes or sweet potato fries 12.50

Organic corn tortillas steeped in Ravens’ enchilada sauce, filled with quinoa and spinach.
Salsa cruda. Refried beans or Spanish rice 13.50

Stanford Inn Portobello*
House English muffin, Portobello mushroom, seasoned tofu, braised tempeh or tamari tempeh slices.
Ravens’ Hollandaise sauce. Country potatoes or sweet potato fries 15.00

Stanford Inn Florentine*
Seasoned tofu, braised tempeh or tamari tempeh slices; house English muffin, spinach, Ravens’ hollandaise Sauce. Country potatoes or sweet potato fries 12.50

Stanford Live Scramble
Coarsely ground almonds and sunflower seeds with tomato, cilantro, onion and spices atop spinach chiffinade 13.00

Scrambled Seasoned Tofu
With country potatoes or sweet potato “fries and a scone or muffin 11.00

Ravens’ Potatoes
Country fries, onion, red pepper, black beans, cashew cheese. Salsa cruda, sour cream, sliced avocado 10.00

Granola or Oatmeal
Stanford Inn Citrus Granola or Christine & Rob’s hot oatmeal, scone or muffin 11.25

Fresh Seasonal Fruit
With scone or muffin 9.00

Braised Vegetables
From the garden with country potatoes or sweet potato “fries,” scone or muffin 11.00

French Toast
House cinnamon swirl bread served pure maple syrup 11.00

Buckwheat and oat pancakes served with pure maple syrup and fruit compote. 11.00


Light crispy waffle made with oat and buckwheat flour. Available with Gluten Free Batter
Served with pure organic maple syrup and fruit compote 11.00

*Contains Gluten
Gluten Free Batter made with potatoes, brown rice and tapioca flours

A La Carte Items

Christine & Rob’s hot oatmeal 6.50

Bowl of Citrus Sesame Granola 6.50

Tamari Tempeh Slices 5.95

Fresh seasonal fruit Lg 6.95 Sm 4.95

Braised vegetables 4.95

Country Potatoes or Sweet Potato Fries 3.50

House made English Muffin 2.50

Scone 2.95

House Made Toast 1.50

Muffin 2.75

Coffee and Tea
Organic Fair Trade Big River Coffee– Stanford Inn Blend Regular or Decaffeinated

Choice and other Fine Teas

Organic Specialty Hot Drinks

Espresso 3.00
Cappuccino 4.50
Mocha Latte 6.00


Fresh Organic Orange, Grapefruit, or Carrot Juice juice Lg 10.00 Sm 5.50

Organic Tomato or Apple Juice 2.75

Smoothies Lg 6.50 Sm 4.50


Roederer Brut Champagne 11.00 . Mimosa with fresh squeezed juice 12.00

Hemp Milk - available at $3.80 a glass or $0.50 extra in a specialty drink

20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more. Inspired by our California Certified Organic Gardens. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and support sustainable agriculture and organic farming through our purchasing. We use no animal products. Produce is organic, some produced by our California Certified Organic Farm - Big River Nurseries.

All food wastes are composted. Our intention is to demonstrate that healthy and satisfying food produce and cooked with a lighter touch on our environment can be a wonderful experience.

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